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Solarinel photovoltaic (PV) System Diagram

Solarinel Introduction
Solar photovoltaic power station equipment packages including solar photovoltaic panels, DC Combiner boxes, inverter system, AC power inverters and Utility Grid Connect. Noark’s professional solutions include PVBx DC Combiner boxes, inverters, and the components in AC power distribution Cabinet: Ex9MD Miniature Circuit Breaker, Ex9BP Miniature Circuit Breaker for PV, Ex9UP Surge Protective Device for PV, Ex9A Air Circuit Breaker, Ex9M Molded case Circuit Breaker, Ex9B DIN Rail Breaker and Ex9U Surge Protective Device.


Solarinel Application Solutions

1、 Inverter Low-voltage Components Solution 
Noark provides a wide range of low-voltage components for inverters, including circuit breakers, contactors, surge protective device, fuses, rotary switches, DC relays. Our products work with high performance in environment of high temperature, high voltage, high height and high degree protection, which isto make sure the inverter sun well.


2、 Solar-farm Electrical System Solution 
 Noark could provide electrical system solution as well as various products for solar farm power plant, which have been used in more than 1GW of solar-farm  projects which are in a variety of harsh environment such as high altitude, intertidal beach, desert, Gobi and so on.


3、 Roof-top Electrical System Solution
For the popularization of new energy applications, Noark is committed  to provide a more economical, convenient and reliable electrical system solution, which  have been used in commercial and residential roof-tops  in all kinds of BAPV, BIPV etc.