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InPower intelligent power distribution system Diagram



Inpower Introduction

Noark as a professional low-voltage electrical systems solutions supplier based on eight series of intelligent electrical components and developed a highly reliable, economic, low-power intelligent power distribution system – InPower. The system uses present network technology, industrial real-time operating systems, industrial process control theory, the bus network technology and other present technology to achieve real-time monitoring of distribution system, remote control, unattended, energy efficiency, management, data collection and analysis, reliable and safe operation for distribution system.



Inpower Advantage

Smart Communications Server for data optimization transmission of smart packaged, error correction, and guarantee real-time uploaded. The system structure is simple, less communications devices and economic. The system provides WEB publishing, LAN and page monitoring, and including several monitoring ways: centralized monitoring, distributed monitoring and wireless monitoring, besides achieving "four far away “also” far-sights. It real achieves unattended, saves human cost and make HMI, GPRS wireless, message, Email monitoring everywhere.